Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Philips Hue Applescript Controller


Philips Hue Applescript Controller

By Nick Hallowell

Requirements:OS X,Philips Hue,Know the Ip Address and Register your Light to the API

Step 1: Download App here: http://www.mediafire.com/?q9qav4str3r441l
Step 2: 
  • Pick a username that you'll use to connect to your Hue device, and make a MD5 hash of it. You can either google it or typemd5 -s *your username* in a terminal. Save this hash for the next steps.
  • Install resty or a similar tool to make HTTP requests. I'll let you go check out the instructions on that page, but it amounts to downloading resty with curl and then sourcing it with source resty so that you can use it.
  • Press the link button on your Hue bridge.
  • Make a POST HTTP request to http://*YourHueHubIP*/api with the data:{"username": "YourMD5Hash", "devicetype": "SiriProxyHue"}. Using resty I first set the base URL to this address withresty and POST '{"username": "YourMD5Hash", "devicetype": "SiriProxyHue"}' to send the request. You should get a response like {"success":{"username":"YourMD5HashFromBefore"}}
  • Store this MD5 hash and Ip Address somewhere you can access it easily.
Step 3: Open the app you downloaded and hit configure.
Step 4: First type in your Ip Address then the MD5 Hash you generated.
Step 5: Enjoy

Please Comment and let me know how it works, or if you have any problems or suggestions.

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